Bergamot™ subtly nicknamed "O.A.F." by the brewers in the GLH Brew Group that have crafted incredible first round trial brews with this hop.  There is no lack of orange in this hop.  You won't need to garnish your beer with an orange slice ever again.



Mango, Orange, Dank, Cherry, Zest, Lemongrass, Lime Aid, Juniper, Orange Juice


Aromas Identified by Brewers
Mango, Tropical, Juniper, Papaya, Dank, Lime, Pepper, Lemon Zest, Spice, Green Melon, Floral, BIG Orange Rind, Perfume, Orange Juice, Lime aid, Cherry, Creamsicle, Jolly Rancher


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Bergamot™ Hops

  • Alpha Acids: 9.41%

    Beta Acids: 8.21%

    Substitutions: TBD

    Beer Styles: TBD


    Oil Analysis

    Cohumalone: 38%

    Colupulone: 61%

    Myrcene: 47.10%

    Linolool: .43%

    Geraniol: 0.12%

    Farnesene: .039%

    Caryophyllene: 9.73%

    Humulene: 14.19%

    Total Oil/100g: 3.03